Emerging Mothers - Childbirth Education Classes by Chelsea Castillo

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Emerging Mothers - Childbirth Education Classes by Chelsea Castillo

The Emerging Mothers Childbirth Class Series is a series of five childbirth education classes, designed to give you the tools you need to navigate your birth. Classes can be taken individually, or as a series, with the recommendation to take entire series. These are classes for everyone, honoring all birth preferences and locations.

Cost is $45 per class, or save by taking the entire series for $200.
All 5 classes must be registered for at once to receive the discount.
Class times 7:00 - 9:00 pm.


August 22nd Class -  Birth Basics: What's Happening?

We’ll kick off our series by covering body parts and their roles in labor. Learn how labor begins, progresses, and ends and some basic tools for managing labor.


August 29th Class -  Finding Confidence in Your Body

Topics for Week 2 are how prenatal nutrition and exercise can affect your birth, how to create a birth plan, and how to encourage optimal fetal positioning for a better birth.


September 5th Class -  Labor Support, Positions and Breathing: Labor Rehearsal

Let's talk about your partners role in labor, and how to use breath and visualization to your benefit. We will also go over positioning, massage, and creating a great birthing environment.


September 12th Class -  Encouraging Labor, Pushing, and Placentas

In this class, we'll focus on natural and medical options for induction, pain management and delivery, as well as how to push and what happens after the baby comes out!


September 19th Class -  The First Hour, The First Three Weeks

In this class, we’ll cover what to expect in the first hour after birth, going home, and breastfeeding basics.


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