Beachfront Baby One Size Water Sling - Tropical Punch

Beachfront Baby

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tropical punch red beach front baby water carrier

Beachfront Baby Slings are a must have for vacations and hot weather fun!

Their lightweight performance athletic fabric lends breathability with just the right amount of stretch. The fabric feels like a lightweight, silky swimsuit which keeps the sling light in the water and lets it dry quickly. With a Beachfront Baby Sling, baby can be worn in the shower, at the beach, at the water-park or in the pool.

Holds babies from 8 – 30 pounds and is machine washable. 

Made in the USA.

Beachfront Baby Slings are fully adjustable ring slings made with SlingRings brand aluminum rings. A photo instruction booklet with babywearing safety information and tips is included with each sling. A sling-style carrier places baby in the optimal position- high on the wearer’s chest and close enough to kiss. This is extremely important in any water environment.

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