Artisan Infant and Toddler Swings - Crunch Natural Parenting is where to buy
Artisan Infant and Toddler Swings - Crunch Natural Parenting is where to buy
Crunch Natural Parenting

Artisan Infant and Toddler Swings

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These handcrafted baby and toddler swings are a unique way to enjoy some fun with your little one! Play indoors when the weather is cold and outdoors when the weather is nice!

Baby must be able to sit unsupported, fits from approximately 6 months to age 4.

Swing details:

Comes with a matching pillow

Dimensions: 15”X 15"  Rope measures about 5 feet.

Weight limit: 55 lbs

Two layers of 100% bottom-weight cotton fabric

Double stitched for strength and durability

Padded front and back panels for optimal comfort

Natural wooden dowel rods coated in 100% organic beeswax/olive oil finish

5 mm braided nylon rope. Mold, mildew, chemical and abrasion resistant. Break strength of 790 lbs.

Untreated natural wooden beads

All hardware included

 Hardware details:

One welded ring (supports up to 200lbs)

One carabiner (supports up to 280lbs)

One heavy duty Eye bolt




**Swing MUST be installed into a wooden beam

🏠 Indoors:

Use a stud finder to locate a stud in the ceiling. Drill a small hole into the wooden beam. Screw the Eye bolt (included) into the wooden beam. This will take a little elbow grease! Make sure the Eye bolt is screwed all the way in. Attach the swing to the Eye bold via the carabiner included. Give the swing a little tug and apply pressure to make sure it is installed properly.


🍃 Outdoors:

Drill a small hole in a wooden beam of a porch or balcony. Screw the Eye bolt in all the way. Attach swing via carabiner. Apply pressure to make sure the swing is properly installed. Enjoy!


To keep the swing in its best state, keep it out of direct sunlight or rain when not in use. Store it in a dry place. It is recommended to spot clean only. Do not disassemble or alter the swing.

✨✨ These baby and toddler swings are meant to be used with 100% adult supervision. Do not leave your child unattended. We are not responsible for any injury caused by the misuse of our product.


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