Our Story

Robert Hoskins and Gladis RubioCrunch Natural Parenting is, quite literally, a mom and pop store, started by Gladis Rubio and Robert Hoskins, who love living in Tampa bay, have four fantastic kids and are enthusiastic about homebirth, breastfeeding, and babywearing. There was an unmet need in the community for a place that people could go to in person to find natural parenting information and products, so in June of 2015,  they decided to create one...  

The site that was picked for Crunch Natural Parenting needed a lot of work before it could open, so simultaneously a brick and mortar demolition and web design were started. Their vision for the website and the physical store was a clean look that was consistent between two. The physical store is located next door to The Red Tent Collective, a craniosacral therapy studio and wellness center, which is highly recommend.

Gladis is a home visiting lactation consultant in the Tampa Bay Area, co-founder of The Fourth Trimester and serves on the board of directors of Tampa Bay Birth Network. Robert is a multitalented entrepreneur who has spent the last couple of years learning about, developing, and applying natural cleaning products in some of the best of Tampa Bay's hotels and resorts, as well as at home. Both studied Anthropology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, and trained as field archeaologists in Alaska and the Yukon Territory, Canada.