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I had a couple of customers recently ask me, "so... why do you love THIS brand of car seat so much?" and I figured that (aside from inviting everyone to come try out our personal Foonfs) a blog post would be the best format for answering this question. 


Our kids- lets be real, ALL kids- are really really hard on things. When it comes to baby gear, higher quality means less wear and tear on materials, less replacing, and better usability too. If you don't read any further just know that this seat is pricey but it is SO worth it. The plastic parts feel like better quality. The fabrics feel better. Plus, they are manufactured in North America... and are the only carseat on the market that is! 

Highest rear-facing limits on the market!

You hear a lot about extended rear facing. What that means is keeping babies and toddlers rear facing in the car for "longer than the minimum requirement". In most states, the law says 2 years minimum rear facing. In some states it is one year, in some states it is up to parents altogether. BUT if your toddler is tall or chunky, they can outgrow the rear facing limits of their seat, requiring you to switch them to forward facing. Clek seats are designed to fit kids longer- up to 43 inches tall and 50 lbs for rear facing, and up to 49 inches tall and 65 lbs for forward facing!

Rear facing is known to be much safer than forward facing because of the physics of car crashes. (I even joke with my teenager that she'd still be rear facing if I could manage it. She says "NO", hahaha)

Rigid LATCH is everything!!!! 

Rigid LATCH is for forward facing only, but it makes install a breeze and results in a safer installation. It is like two little hard sticks with "mouths" on the ends that clip onto the latch hooks inside of your passenger seats. With regular LATCH, there is a 

Steel honeycomb inner structure!

This one is a big deal. It makes the seats really heavy but this is part of what makes them perform so much better in crash tests than other brands. The steel honeycomb absorbs the shock of an impact, so your baby's body doesn't. Other seats are made of predominantly plastic and more plastic, which passes the shock of impact along to the baby. 

They are the only car seats made in North America!

It's kind of a fun fact that no other car seat brand manufactures close to home... We don't ONLY purchase things made here, but it makes you wonder- why are other seats made in China? Because it's cheaper. Why are Clek seats made in Canada? To support their local workers, to provide increased visibility in production, and to ensure the highest quality. 

Safer fabrics next to baby's face!

Their Crypton Super Fabrics are amazing and have Greenguard certification for being anti-microbial and water repellent. Which means they stand up to the grossness kids put carseats through. Carseat fabrics are also required to be flame retardant and the cheaper brands use cheaper and more chemical heavy flame retardants. Clek seat fabrics are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, so your baby isn't breathing in anything toxic in their carseat. 

Narrowest outside dimensions!

A common concern for parents of more two little ones is how to fit all of the car seats into the vehicle. Not many brands can boast fitting three across in one row, but Clek can. Their "best in class" narrow outside dimensions of just under 17 inches at the widest point are a really nice thing. 


If you have any questions about our experience using these seats, please contact us to chat some more! 

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