#TeamGreen, All Day Long

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Shopping for your Team Green womb-baby doesn't have to be boring anymore. Here are 5 brands that offer something spectacular for all, whether you choose to find out the sex of your baby or not!

1) Clek

Talk about the perfect carseat. Loads of fun colors and gorgeous design. Higher rear and forward facing weight and length limits so you can keep your baby safer for longer. Rigid LATCH for easier installs. Narrow enough to fit 3 across in your backseat. Recyclable. Free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. It's basically everything you could ever ask for to help keep your baby safe and secure. The manufacturer is sold out of all colors and models right now, but expect more in January!
Whether you prefer the ease of Elemental all in one diapers or the comfort and dryness of 5.0 pocket diapers, we have a feeling that you'll love BumGenius because of the excellent fit. And like with Clek, cute colors and prints never hurt either. Pictured here is a limited edition print, Equiano

This company is doing it all right and they have been since before being ecologically smart was cool. They have a 30 year track record of using SAFE and sustainable materials, and they are currently a carbon neutral company. Woah. From baby teethers to big kid toys, PlanToys is one of our favorites.

Storchenwiege woven wraps are a classic. Sometimes you can't get around the perfection and simplicity of a good old 100% cotton diamondweave. I have "fancier" wraps, but I still reach for my Storch daily. 

We love our jeweler! The quality is outstanding and these amber necklaces for babies, toddlers, and adults come in gender-neutral styles, too. Plus, if there is ever a breakage issue, you can just bring it back to us and go home with a replacement on the same day because The Amber Money guarantees her work. 

Take that, big-box store! 

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