Summer Styling! Freshly Picked Product Review

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Did you know we carry Freshly Picked baby and toddler moccasins?

These moccasins are what every other baby shoe wishes that it was. Soft, supple, flexible, stylish, and sturdy. Before we decided to carry these I ordered a few other (cheaper) pairs to compare them and these blew every other moccasin out of the water. In fact, I actually threw the others in the trash (yep, really).

We gave Caroline a pair of these for her 1st birthday. We love how easy they are to put on, and how soft they are. It's awesome to watch her feet moving as freely as if she was barefoot but knowing that she is keeping her little soles safe from the hot pavement and sharp things. The leather on hers have held up tremendously well- little footprints ended up appearing on the bottoms as they molded to her foot shape which help us to know which one goes on which foot. They are so pliable, I know it doesn't hurt her to have the "wrong" one on each foot, but I like them on the "right side" :P.  They are actually pretty identical when they come out of the box. 

Even after REALLY dirty playground trips, they still look spectacular. Money well spent. A friend of mine did machine wash hers, and let me know that she does NOT recommend doing THAT. She told me that the leather shrunk, so be sure to wipe clean and not machine wash yours!

If you are curious about what size Freshly Picked moccs to order, this is their sizing chart. You can measure your child's foot, or order based on the age of the baby. We went up a size so that she had a little room to grow!


Hope this was helpful for you, and please let us know if you have any questions about this product review. 

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