Kokadi Flip carrier product review and panel adjustment tutorial

Last month, we ordered our first Kokadi Flip carrier- in a toddler size. Kokadi Flip is a buckle carrier similar to Ergo, Tula, or Lenny Lamb brand carriers, but made from Kokadi woven wraps! We intended it to be Robby's carrier, but I've been stealing it lately every chance I get. It is the most comfortable carrier I have EVER tried on. Caroline's still a little small for the toddler size, but I'll explain in a minute.




Adjusting the width of the panel is easy and takes a few seconds. Basically, you just take the carrier off and look at the inside side of the waistband...




...where there is a wide rectangle of hidden velcro under the wrap fabric of the waistband.





Lift the hidden velcro to unattach it.








Then you place your fingers over the velcro and slide the fabric of the waistband towards the center (where it is stitched in place), cinching the panel and making a better seat for a smaller baby. 





The velcro reattaches to the strip on the inside of the waistband, and voila! Super easy. 





Overall, I love the fabric. It feels SO light and breathable. Caroline tends to get hot easily and she hasn't gotten fussy about the Flip carrier, even in the hot humid weather we have here in Tampa Bay. 

I feel like the wide waistband is so flattering when she is in a front carry, and the firmness of the foam is just right. I was also able to nurse easily in this carrier at IKEA the other day, so that is a plus. I just took one shoulder strap off my arm completely and she leaned a bit to that side to nurse. Your mileage may vary, because obviously every body and baby is different so nursing in your carrier might need a different kind of adjustment for you to get a perfect latch.

The waistband does not look as flattering to my front side in a backcarry as it does in a frontcarry, in my opinion, but really that is all SSCs. Or maybe I am just a normal postpartum body shape- nine months to put it on, nine months to take it off feels about right right now! Really, though, this is just one way that wrapping is superior to SSCs- you can wrap in a way that fits and flatters every body shape. 

Anyway, I'd love to answer any other questions you might have. Feel free to leave questions and comments below. 

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  • Pervin on

    I’m a petite size 6 with a summer baby in Sydney on the way… confused between a Tula free to grow versus the Kokadi…

    I’m a big baby wearer got extended periods, at least with my first and with a toddler I’m pretty sure it might be more if not less ;)

    I’ve tried the baby Bjorn and ergo 360 but didn’t really like either…

    Any tips on choosing between the two? I do want good shoulder, neck and back support only worried that maybe the Kokadi doesn’t have enough padding for that versus the Tula? I maybe be wrong :)

  • EG on

    Just want to ask if it’s from newborn to toddler?
    You bought a toddler size, does the newborn baby will fit in also in the toddler size when the seat and height panel will be adjusted?
    Hoping to hear from you. I’m looking for the best carrier for my baby.
    Thank you.

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