Have You Noticed How Much We've Grown?

I was looking through our oldest Instagram posts the other day and I had to keep calling Robby and the kids over to show them- 

"Look how much the store has changed!"

"Look how much we've grown!" 

"Look at this one, before our babywearing wall, before we had toys or apparel in the store!"

We've definitely grown over the past year and a half, we carry SO MANY more things and with more variety than we did back then, and we thank YOU, local fans <3

Sometimes, in online mom groups here, people will recommend online stores in other places. You will certainly brighten the day of that shop owner with your purchase, but when you buy local you actually increase your local economy and make Tampa Bay a better place for all business owners and families. 

We purchase our signs and vinyl work from our neighbor Jack's Signs and Designs, we purchased designs for our store tank top from a local artist, and we recently catered our Great Cloth Diaper Change event's brunch from a local eatery, Escape Root Juicery. 

Those businesses, in turn, spend their dollars locally. It is a beautiful chain reaction and it starts with ONE person choosing to shop small and LOCALLY!  

We have grown because of our amazing customers. Most of you are our locals, our fan base, and we love you. Thanks for helping us become better every single month!



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